how does this happen?

How does an outlet like Reel Suave get such a prominent link at the IMDB?

The site has lots of prominent links at IMDB as a “news source.”

I don’t begrudge anybody their links. But this review wrongly credits Ethan Coen as a screenwriter — it’s Etan Cohen, a completely different person — and worse, the review is practically incoherent:

Even before the movie has even begun we have people laughing in the audience with an unusual trailer of a Father who has done a bad bad boy. Justin Theroux and Ethan Coen who penned the script along with director Ben Stiller have created some sort of over the top farce that actually can’t help us from laughing.

It is a surely a film that is surely stuck within several films drawing inspiration from every God damn Hollywood box movie that is out there. But it also smartly laces a wafer thin picture of what the studios are doing to their stars. The film is a parody on the lives of these stars who have gone through such phases themselves so it is sort of a paradox. A paradox that the writers have used to creates something truly original. It is not like the Scary Movies that just take references and just copy them. Over here the story imbibe many of the stories we read in the news.

And that’s just the beginning of it.

But hey! It turns out that all you have to do to become a news provider at the IMDB is to apply. I’ve done that. We’ll see if I get in…

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