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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

Kevin Smith: Geek is forever

Fishbowl LA, in its coverage of San Diego Comic Con, notes that über geek Kevin Smith said, at the Entertainment Weekly panel:

Geek culture is here to stay.

And then Fishbowl goes on to snark that “I’m sure someone said that about Disco and Grunge…” which makes no sense to me. Styles of music are equivalent to, you know, the revolution our society has undergone in the last three decades? The Internet and other communications technology — like the cell phone — have made geeks of us all. Superheros are serious business these days… not just major moneymakers but, obviously, cultural touchstones.
Now, it’s true that geek as a lifestyle, as a way of thinking, may not be here to stay on the same level that I see around me today. My generation, the Xers (say, those of use from our late 20s to our early 40s), we’re all geeks, pretty much, to one degree or another. Already, though, today’s teenagers, who take to cell phones and Facebook the way that I and my peers took to the VCR and our parents took to TV — as their godgiven right, and not something new to be played with on the fringes of what everyone else is doing — don’t seem particularly “geeky” to me; they don’t have that particularly intellectual component that influences how they think about, you know, the whole world. Geek is not a state of mind for them.

But that just means that, just as disco and grunge are still around as options in a sea of musical choice, “geek” will still be around as a style option… Some kids today are geeks, and some are hippies and some are rockabilly and some are preppy. And it’s all cool.

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