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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

little bit of a redesign

I spent a chunk of hours yesterday freshening up the look of the site. Hope you like it. The changes are mostly cosmetic, with a few exceptions. I moved the posting date and time and the post category to up above the post title, because I think that info was getting lost. (I’ve gotten way too many emails from people asking me, “So, when did you post that review?” when that info was always available at the bottom of the entry. Now, that info should be more obvious.) And just in case you weren’t already aware of this, the post category is clickable: click on it, and you’ll get a list of other postings in that category.

I updated the favicon and the iPhone icons as well, but you may need to force them to reload before you see them in your browser or on your iPhone. You can do that by clicking here for the favicon and here for the iPhone icon.

I also added the day of the week to the timestamps on comments — I think that will make it a little easier to pick up where you left off if you’re trying to rejoin a conversation.
Speaking of comments, the next major upgrade here will be a big one, when I move to the newest version of Movable Type. I’m very excited about that, because it offers threaded comments, which will make it easier to start and follow more specific discussions about postings here (and to avoid those subthreads that don’t interest you). And the newest MT also offers a slew of community features that will let you all get even more involved here, if you so wish.

That upgrade is going to be a big job, though, one for which I’m going to have to allow, at a minimum, an entire weekend, with major potential for enormous frustration and headache, as well as the chance of it making the site unusable for a significant stretch of time (like, maybe, more than a few hours). I hope to be able to find the time for it within the next month or two.

In the meantime, while you may have noticed that I’ve stopped adding Technorati tags to my postings (I was getting virtually no traffic through them), I’m working on adding site-specific tags to my entries. I’m adding them to posts behind the scenes, where you can’t see them, but as soon as enough posts are tagged to be useful (and as soon as I can teach myself the syntax to make this work) I’ll add links to postings so that you can use the tags to find related entries at the site.

For the font geeks, the typeface used in the new logo is Johnson Underground. It was designed by Edward Johnston almost a hundred years ago for use on the signage of the London Underground. It’s one of my favorite typefaces. Not only is it highly readable — which you’d expect from a font meant to put across information quickly and easily — but it’s also simultaneously a little bit fun and a little bit aggressive. Which suits, I think, the tone of FlickFilosopher.com well.

Oh, and somewhat in keeping with the Underground idea, the logo is at the top of the page is meant to look as if it’s cut across tiles, hence the gray borders simulating grout. I don’t know how well that’s coming across, though, so I may close it up. I’ll leave it for a few days and see how it sits with me. I like how it looks — maybe it doesn’t matter whether anyone else gets it.

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