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screencap Friday: what the flick? #30

Friday fun! Here’s a screen capture from one of the DVDs in my collection (and it’s definitely from a movie, not a TV show). Guess the movie for fun and, well, fun. No prizes, just bragging rights.

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  • Ratatouille?

  • wilson h. l.

    I’d Toy Story (the first installment)

  • MaryAnn

    No, and no.

  • MontyGurl

    For some reason, it makes me think of The Incredibles.

  • Erbear1980

    A Bug’s Life?

  • MaryAnn

    Stil no.

  • Candace

    A Bee Movie? Horton Hears A Who?

  • Jan Willem

    Surf’s Up, perhaps? (You know, the scene in which the li’l ping’un carves his own board, before he broke his hand in a stupid accident.)

  • Hdj


  • Passion of Joan of Arc?

  • Flushed Away?

  • Anne-Kari

    Oh bloody hell, MAJ, you are just KILLING ME. I am known to all my friends and family as an uber-movie geek with freakish memory of all films but I NEVER CAN GET YOUR SCREENCAP FRIDAYS.

    Cruel, cruel woman.

  • MaryAnn

    Tee hee.

    No one’s guessed yet.

    And Candace: It’s one guess per comment. More than that is cheating.

  • Daf

    Is it the Borrowers? That’s a big guess considering I’ve never even seen that film.

  • How about STUART LITTLE?

  • MaryAnn


  • Joel

    Toy Story 2

  • CM

    Lady and the Tramp… (umm… 2?)

  • fett101

    Open Season? :shrug:

  • Jen

    Over the Hedge?

  • A River Runs Through It?

  • bats :[

    Fantasia 2000

  • Bill

    Beauty and the Beast. Final answer.

  • MaryAnn

    And still it goes unguessed…

  • PaulM

    Finding Nemo.

  • “My Neighbor Totoro”?

  • Kat

    Shrek 2?

  • MaryAnn

    All wrong.

  • Anne-Kari

    Ye Gods! Of course!

    It’s Ben Hur!

    Seriously, though, YOU’RE STILL KILLING ME HERE. Stop the madness, MAJ, what the hell is this?

  • Anne-Kari

    Okay, okay, real guess: Monsters Inc.?

  • MaryAnn

    Nope. :->

    You’re all running out of animated movies…

  • fett101

    CGI ones at least. Maybe it’s all a trick and it’s an extremely well made 2D one.

  • Meet the Robinsons?

  • MaryAnn

    It *is* *Meet the Robinsons*!

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