trailer break: ‘Kung Fu Killer’

Take a break from work: watch a movie trailer…

Must be watched!

(Or download a chucky Quicktime file here.)
This is what Spike tells me about the miniseries:

Set in late 1920s in China, before Communist rule, Kung Fu Killer tells the story of White Crane (David Carradine), an orphaned son of Western missionaries who was raised as a Wudang monk to become a spiritual leader and master in martial arts, and his ultimate journey for revenge and justice. Beginning in the Shanghai underworld, Crane encounters Jane Marshall (Daryl Hannah) a lounge singer from Brooklyn, who is on a mission of her own to find her lost brother.
As always, Spike TV delivers the action but the story also shifts gears to a more personal drama.

So, you know, it’s a softer, gentler kind of Spike movie. With lots of action.

Oh, I hope Daryl Hannah doesn’t go all Willie Scott on us.

Kung Fu Killer debuts on Spike in two parts on August 17 and 18. Only! On! Spike!

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