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a few random thoughts from England

still life: mobile (new) with cup of tea (empty)

1) The M40 looks like the New Jersey Turnpike (except for the sheep).

2) Not only have I not seen a single movie since I’ve been in England, I haven’t seen a single movie theater. There is apparently a cinema in Stratford-upon-Avon, but I haven’t come across that in my wanderings around town yet. All the rest of my journeying thus far has been through countryside and small towns that haven’t sullied their high streets with movie theaters. Though in Stow-on-the-Wold, they were going to be showing Definitely, Maybe at the town hall next week.

3) Oxfordshire really is Tolkien’s Shire — driving around in the dark tonight, I kept expecting to see a couple of Black Riders jump over a hedge and give chase.

4) Paul, the adorable cabin attendant on my British Airways flight over on Wednesday, must be played in the movie by Simon Pegg.

5) Though I had to drive through Swindon today, and will do so again tomorrow, I have been and should be able to continue to be able to avoid the Magic Roundabout.

6) I think I’m gonna be a real dork and download a Doctor Who ringtone for my new U.K. mobile (pictured above).

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