bias update

obsession: awards season (though I’m kinda dreading the huge quantity of movies demanding to be seen between now and December 31)
boyfriend: Patrick Wilson in Lakeview Terrace (and when he’s a big star, remember that I saw him first)
psyched: Religulous (yeah, Bill Maher is a bit of prick, but he’s my kind of prick)
dreading: An American Carol (because watching the implosion of the American right wing is kind of hilarious)
enemy: Diane English, performing a shockingly good impersonation of a male misogynist as writer and director of The Women

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Thu, Sep 25, 2008 2:07am

Ok, I’ve been away for a while.. but when and why did you break up with David Tennant? :)

Fri, Sep 26, 2008 11:48am

Why is Bill Maher (a bit of) a prick? Is that a general personality vibe, or something specific?

Fri, Sep 26, 2008 1:43pm

Melissa: She said specifically a while ago that David Tennant is in the “harem” of permanent boyfriends. No break-up took place. Right now, though, I guess she’s more enraptured with Patrick Wilson.

Shoop: I’ll only speak for myself on this one. I like Bill Maher generally, but he can give the impression of “I’m smart, you’re a moron.” Part of this is his comic persona, but it can be grating. I find it especially comes out in matters of religion (though that may be bias, as it’s one of few issues on which I disagree with him). I’m fine with people being atheists, and I don’t loudly declare that they’re all going to hell, but I find it rather offputting when atheists take the attitude of “why is everyone else so stupid?” One example is when they smugly deride all religion as “fairy tales.” Richard Dawkins is the same way. Of course, he’s got his show, and he has a right to say what he wants on it. I still watch, but the sense of superiority annoys me. Not that religious people are free of superiorism, of course- far from it.

Mister Evil
Mister Evil
Wed, Oct 01, 2008 4:54pm

Aren’t you psyched for ‘Quantum of solace? I kinda am, I gotta say!