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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

dream cast: hypothetical live-action ‘ThunderCats’ movie

It’s Thursday, so it’s time to remake an 80s classic TV show or movie with an all-new cast. This week: ThunderCats, the Rankin/Bass animated series that debuted in 1985. There is a CGI-animated flick coming in 2010, but let’s think live-action update. That’s much more fun.

(This one was suggested by reader Bill. If you have a suggestion for an 80s TV show or movie we should play with, feel free to email me.)
The original cast of characters included:

Lion-O: leader of the ThunderCats
Jaga: aka Jaga the Wise
Tygra: the scientist
Panthro: mechanic and pilot
Cheetara: the girl (*sigh*)
Mumm-Ra: the villain

You guys are on your own with this one. I don’t know enough about ThunderCats to fill a litter box: I was already beyond the demo for this one in 1985 — this is Nintendo-wave Xer stuff, not Atari-wave. Have fun with your dream cast!

ThunderCats! Are! Go! (That’s right, isn’t it?)

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