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for fun: ‘Star Trek’ 20 Questions

Oh man, this is hilarious: Star Trek 20 Questions. You think of a thing, place, or sentient being from the Trek universe, and then the AI asks you questions in an attempt to guess what you’re thinking of.

The AI learns from the players’ answers, which means I probably broke it, because even though I love Trek, I’m not wildly obsessive about it, and can’t remember every single detail of every single episode of every single series. So I “stumped” the AI, ostensibly, but only because I gave “wrong” answers to some of the questions, based on how other players have answered. Who knew Gul Dukat was renowned for his particular strength? I mean, aren’t all Cardassians pretty strong, when compared to humans? There are some assumptions, it seems, built into the questions, that you may not share. I try not to be species-centric… which no good citizen of the Federation would be.

But it’s still a ton of fun to play.

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