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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

happy 11th anniversary to me

On this day in 1997, FlickFilosopher.com debuted. Well, it didn’t have its own domain for a while — it began on the Web space that was allotted to me as an AOL subscriber.

I know: AOL. It’s so… 1997.

Geez, 11 years. That seems crazy to me. There weren’t that many people doing movie reviews on the Net at that point — Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News had gotten started only a few months before I did — and I’m sure that if someone had told me I’d still be doing this more than a decade later, I’d have laughed. But that would be in the 2000s, I’d have thought. We’ll all be wearing spandex and living on the moon. Of course in retrospect now that’s what seems nuts, and in fact last night I was watching some TV from 2000 and it’s already starting to look dated.
A lot has changed in 11 years. I was on dialup on a desktop computer when I started, and now I just haul my laptop around with me and sit in Starbucks and caffeinate myself up and write over the wi-fi some days. I hadn’t yet bought a DVD player, which was so new then that hardly anyone had one, and when I did buy one about six months later, I was the only person I knew who had one. Man, I had only just gotten a 27-inch TV a couple years before (an upgrade from a 19-incher), and considered myself way cool for that: it was the biggest TV anyone in my family had ever owned. Now I can barely remember how I tolerated watching anything that was not widescreen. How did I get by not being able to buy DVDs from England? Ah, the misery and uncivilized deprivation of those days…

Who knows what’s gonna happen in the next 11 years, but — assuming civilization doesn’t collapse, which is looking more and more likely all the time — I can’t see myself being anything other than a writer, and not disseminating my writing in any other way than primarily online.

If civilization does collapse, then perhaps I’ll finally have a chance to catch up watching all these DVDs, on the home theater powered by the bicycle-charged generator. That might not be so bad…

(Oh, yeah, that 10-year-retrospective book of my reviews that I mentioned round this time last year? I’m still working on it. Maybe it’ll be ready in time for Christmas gift-giving this year.)

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