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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

haven’t checked comments in a couple days…

Hope everyone is behaving themselves…

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  • Jan Willem

    Are you already suffering FF withdrawal symptoms or does the Anglophilia neatly counteract these?
    Seriously though, I marvel at your ability to maintain a presence at your own website while away on holiday. Various scenarios present themselves, the most appealing being HAL left behind in NY to do your posting for you or a slew of prefab entries with an in-built delay, a bit like certain types of time-released medication. Or you could just drop the items from your laptop wherever you happen to be. (And in this wireless day and age that could be almost anywhere.) But that would be something of a let-down. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the play. I hear there’s a sequel in the works, involving a time machine. That what you get for inviting sci-fi TV stars to Stratford.
    Rats, I forgot you don’t have time to check the comments…

  • bats :[

    Dammit. These markers were supposed to be washable…it said so, right on the box…

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