oh my god won’t someone think of the children?!

WENN.com via the Internet Movie Database reports:

Batman comic bosses are pulping tens of thousands of copies of the latest Dark Knight adventure because a printing error has left it filled with swear words.

Profanities that were meant to be blacked out to spare the blushes of young readers were not printed dark enough – meaning every “f**k” and “shit” in Allstar Batman + Robin the Boywonder number 10 is exposed.


Because a sociopathic caped vigilante would never resort to swear words.

And because our tender and sweet children never hear these words on the playground… or from the mouths of their own parents.

“Meant to be blacked out to spare the blushes of young readers”? What a fucking crock of shit.

You know any unpulped copies will be selling like motherfucking hotcakes on eBay.

I don’t know how pancakes would copulate with anyone’s mother, but it had to be said.

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Fri, Sep 12, 2008 8:22pm

With the price of new books these days, I’d be surprised if young kids could afford them.

They’re already going for 10X the cover price on eBay.

Sat, Sep 13, 2008 12:39pm

“Are you dense? Are you retarded? I’m the goddamn Batman!!”

That’s actual dialogue from an earlier issue of the series, which for the record is being written by Frank “300, Sin City” Miller. The man is amusingly insane.

If you’re going to pick up a Batman comic, there are actually two good ones on the stand right now: Detective Comics, by Paul Dini (who was a big mover on the animated series) and the core Batman book, currently being written by insane-in-a-more-upbeat-kinda-way Grant Morrison. Morrison is also writing the companion to the book mentioned above, All-Star Superman, which I honestly can’t recommend highly enough. It’s pretty much the exact perfect rendition of the character imaginable.

Sun, Sep 14, 2008 9:07pm

Actually, it’s probably more that it’s Batgirl, not Batman, saying it. For some reason that’s more controversial? I guess?

But assbar (ASBAR, get it?) is a laughing stock of ridiculous and shit writing anyway–Frank Miller apparently descending into the depths of either insanity or Bush-style self-deprecatio–so meh.