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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

bias update

obsession: Hamlet; not any particular movie version of it, just the play itself… and every movie version of it (still more of my summer of David Tennant and Hamlet to come, and yes, I know it’s now autumn)
boyfriend: Lee Pace in Pushing Daisies (cuz he’s just the cutest thing ever)
psyched: Quantum of Solace (and man, am I pissed that it’s opening in the U.K. two weeks before it opens in the U.S.)
dreading: Twilight (mopey griefstricken Danish princes? fine. mopey teenage vampires? bor-ing!)
enemy: anyone and everyone even remotely connected to the American remake of Life on Mars, the bastards

Other notes:
• I hated to demote An American Carol from its official “dreading” spot, but it seems to have disappeared from NYC multiplexes before I could catch it. But I’ll still dread it when it comes to DVD.

• That pic illustrating my obsession with Hamlet? I did an image search on Google and that South Park style illo popped up, and I loved it too much not to use it. Here’s the full image:

Adorable. This appears not to be from the episode of South Park featuring Terrance and Phillip’s Hamlet. Maybe someone else just loves the play in all its many glorious manifestations — even the imaginary ones — as I do.

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