dream cast: cast your own Hamlet

I’m getting ready to head off to see David Tennant in Love’s Labour’s Lost. While I’m doing that, why not cast your own Hamlet? Jude Law’s going to take on the Danish Prince next year in the West End. Who else could offer an interesting spin on the role, either on stage or in film?

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Thu, Oct 02, 2008 4:04pm

As much as I am totally looking forward to Tennant’s Hamlet, I’d love to see an age appropriate one. So maybe Daniel Radcliffe? Helen Mirren could be Gertrude, Robert Lindsay as the Ghost of Hamlet’s father, Sean Bean as Claudius, James McEvoy could be Horatio, Simon Callow as Polonius, and Romola Garai as Ophelia.

Not so much a serious cast, but more a survey of a whole bunch of people whose work I enjoy watching!