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‘Heroes’ blogging: “Angels and Monsters”

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It may sound absurd: but don’t be naive
Even Heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed: but won’t you conceed
Even Heroes have the right to dream but
It’s not easy to be me

Everyone thinks superheroes got it made. Not so.

[spoiler-laden commentary on last night’s Heroes after the jump!]
Okay, some ramping up of the villainy this week. Excellent: I like to see stakes get raised. There was too much treading water last season — now we’re just getting thrown out to sea. Perfect.

So, Mr. Petrelli. Funny how this show keeps doing things that seem inevitable in retrospect, but that we never see coming beforehand (like Adam showing up again, too). And of course it had to be Matt’s dad making visions of Linderman dance in everyone’s heads — what else could it have been?

Poor Claire: she’s kind of dim, isn’t she, thinking she can take on whomever she wants, thinking she knows who’s evil and who’s good… and then getting slapped in the face — again — by HRG’s badness. Sheesh: even Hitler was a dad, Claire. Well, no, he wasn’t, but I think Claire might see my point.

New Heroes? A guy who creates vortexes? Neat. And then he vortexes himself. I did see that coming, cuz that’s what I, as a writer, would have done. It’s too perfect, too poetically just. Assuming he actually was a villain who killed a neighbor over a lawnmower.

Couldn’t make out the URL on the Pinehurst biz card the vortex guy held out, though clearly this is going to be important. I went to pinehurstcompany.com, but if that’s got anything to do with the show, it’s the sneakiest bit of viral marketing ever. Bet their traffic is way up this morning, though…

Random thoughts:

• “the formula” — so pulpy. There’s always a formula, isn’t there…

• why do I keep expecting Sylar to say, “No, Peter, I am your brother”?

• oo, Sylar’s a car-radio channel flipper — evil! (I confess, I’m evil in this way too.)

• a cantina scene! even Hiro couldn’t let that one slide by uncommented on…

• Hiro did not kill Ando, no way, it’s a trick… gotta be a trick…

Who’s goin’ evil? Mohinder. And Hiro? Dudes, way to let us down…

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MPAA: rated TV14-LV

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  • It had BETTER be a trick, or I’m not watching anymore.

    …Okay, that’s a bluff, I still want to know what happens, even so. But Hiro up and stabbing Ando like that for real would be so insanely out of character that it’s either fake or really lousy writing. (I’m thinking Hiro stopped time, somehow got a trick sword and fake blood, then told Ando to act surprised and dead…or maybe something less complex, but they DID leave the viewers outside his time-stopping earlier with Adam, perhaps deliberately to set this up.)

    I was sad to see VortexMan kill himself, though. (Actually even shouted a “No!” at the TV.) He was the answer to invicible character oversaturation! He was our savior! Ah, well. :)

  • Patti H

    MaryAnn, look under:

    for the “real” thing.

  • drew ryce

    Question: why is everyone so sure that going thru the vortex kills someone? Maybe you just pop out in the Jurrasic (no wait, thats Primevil).
    Seriously, if the trip isn’t fatal than Bubbles isn’t a killer and his character can come back at any time.

    Question: is the whole Mohinder thing turning into an outright rip off of the Jeff Goldblum Fly movie? Okay, he’s doing an “Aliens” web and storage thing on the victems but still the sequences where he discovers that he is strong and sexy and can scale walls are right out of the classic. He even looks like Goldblum. Better, but still similar.

    Question: why does the whole show seem to stop dead every time that Clair is on the screen? There is an obvious and simple self defense system for someone that cannot die. Strap some explosives in your pom-poms and when the meanies trap you detonate them, yourself and everything else within 30 yards.

    Wake up, rinse off the bad guy intestines before the stain sets and repeat.

  • The writing goof I most love on this show thus far:

    1. It’s been established that Maya–who can kill a village full of people without lifting a finger–has a tendency to inadvertantly kill people when she’s under stress. So naturally Mohinder yells at her a lot…

    Plus how exactly do you capture someone who can kill you without lifting a finger? For a modern-day poison damsel, Maya is remarkably useless at defending herself.

    And I’m a car-radio channel flipper too but on the plus side, at least I’m not a matricide. (And no, Angela Petrelli’s revelation does not absolve Sylar of that crime.)

    I must confess I’m not exactly pleased to see the return of Adam but then I wasn’t pleased to see Sylar get his powers back last season and thus far Sylar’s story arc is going better than I thought it would.


    The conflict between Meredith and Clair’s mother will work itself somehow–hopefully without a big sacrifice on Meredith’s part.

    We’ll see Tracy’s hermana Barbara sometime before the end of the season. Probably on the side of the bad guys. And she better not be in the same business as Nikki. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Jessica again. As unlikely as that would be…

    One of the writers of this show is going to admit to having one hell of an Oedipus complex…

  • Maura

    I was going to give this show two more weeks, but I think it might only be getting one.

  • Hiro didn’t kill Ando. Knox showed Ando his worse fear.

  • er, WORST fear, I mean.

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