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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

‘Heroes’ blogging: “I Am Become Death”

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I can’t stand to fly
I’m not that naive
I’m just out to find
The better part of me

I’m more than a bird…i’m more than a plane
More than some pretty face beside a train
It’s not easy to be me

Everyone thinks superheroes got it made. Not so.

[spoiler-laden commentary on tonight’s Heroes after the jump!]
Just last night, when I was catching up with last week’s episode, I was worried that Heroes had jumped the shark already this season: but now I’m excited again. I like how the writers are not letting themselves tread water with their concept — which felt like what was going on last season — but keep expanding it, keep showing us more possibilities for their universe. Oo, and they keep showing us how insidious those in charge (or who believe they’re in charge) have been: not only is the future expanding before our eyes, so is the past.

Like this: Some of the “heroes” were born, but some were created. We thought it was only Mohinder in the present who was developing a way to give everyone superpowers, but obviously someone decades ago was fooling around with this, too. Dr. Zimmerman wouldn’t say whom he was working for when he augmented Tracy, Nikki, and Barbara, but surely it’s got to be that Group of folks including Linderman, Mrs. Petrelli, and Hiro’s father, right? And surely Zimmerman was lying about the “triplets,” right? Wasn’t Nikki’s evil alter ego Jessica supposedly a kind of avatar of a twin sister she lost in childhood? Or am I remembering that wrong?

Whatever: I’m thinking Zimmerman’s work was more along the lines of test-tube babies — maybe an endless supply of identical pretty blond girls — he experimented on, perhaps even tinkered with on a genetic level. Simply having fallen into the luck of identical triplets whose mother died in childbirth is too preposterous to accept. And Tracy shouldn’t have. Who knows: maybe she didn’t.

But even better than the mere plot details worming their way into the story is the sense that we cannot be sure of whatever moral ground we think we’ve taken with these characters. Maybe scar-faced not-Peter isn’t a villain after all, and maybe Mohinder is, for making the serum? Could villainy be simply a matter of perspective? This could get interesting…

Sylar’s gone domestic! and nuclear! Oo, so has Matt! (Well, Matt’s gone domestic again, anyway.) Nathan’s gone to the White House! Claire has gone from wanting to kill Sylar to wanting to kill Peter! And it all could change next week as the future changes! It remains to be seen whether that becomes annoying and feels like the writers are cheating, or whether it will be all deliciously wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey.

Oh, and we knew Takezo Kensei would be back, didn’t we?

Who’s goin’ evil? I just can’t tell anymore.

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MPAA: rated TV14-V

viewed at home on a small screen

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  • Marshall Myers

    I liked this episode except for one bit, and this is the geek in me really coming out here…
    Claire shooting Future Peter in the chest and killing him – this really bothered me after I started thinking about it. Assuming that Present Peter becomes future Peter at some point, then that means that FP should have had Clairs healing ability. Even if he somehow “forgets” powers, being in the proximity of FC, he would have absorbed the power again anways. It was very obvious that Present Peter still has her healing ability, because he survived Gabriel going nuclear – so why didn’t future peter not have it? I can only conclude that either A) there is a logical explanation and the writers have yet to reveal how exactly Peters ability works or B) They forgot or it was a cheap cop-out by the writers to force the story along. If this is the case, then a small re-write could have fixed this – just shoot him in the head with an arrow. The arrow lodges in his brain, preventing him from healing until the arrow is removed.
    So anyways, tell me I’m not thinking about this to much and I should just let it go?
    Otherwise, this season is so much better than 2nd…

  • Hdj

    I’m thinking Future Peter died because the Haitian was in the area and his healing power didn’t have a chance to kick in.
    Or Another theory is that Future Peter was a more distant Peter , and maybe have never met Claire, hence why he has a scar on his face.
    or 3 he’s not Dead dead.

    and yeah Mj I think everyone knew Takezo Kensei or Adam was coming back. I think hes going to be the guy to worry about not Sylar. Also I think your theory on Nikki/Tracey is a bit of a stretch. I’m actually hoping shes still suffering from a Identity problem.

  • MaryAnn

    You think Tracy is Nikki? Even after seeing Nikki’s dead body in the coffin?

  • Hdj

    I saw her in the coffin, Micah event said Tracy wasn’t his mom, but he would say the same thing to her face event when it was Jessica’s mind in Nikki.

  • Whatever Micah said, it still doesn’t invalidate the fact that we’ve got a dead body, yes?

  • Hdj

    Ok there was a body there, and if shes a goner shes a goner. I was just saying I hope she wasn’t dead, thats all. Theres this thing going on where Nathan still sees Linderman, and no one else does. Is Nathan going crazy? Or is Linderman still alive and able to Project him self in peoples minds. Where I’m getting at is if Linderman isn’t dead then maybe Nikki some how isn’t ether.

  • JoshB

    This show really relies on Peter being a moron. How was it that Peter and Sylar combined couldn’t handle Claire, Knox and Daphne?

    Why does Peter experience Sylar’s hunger when his own innate ability accomplishes the same thing? Why did Peter cut open Nathan’s head to learn the secret of his flying ability when Peter can already fly?

    Maybe there’s an explanation in the works, but right now it looks like extremely lazy writing.

  • Ryan

    I like where the plot is going, and they’ve really made the Sylar/Claire characters more interesting by adding a lot of depth. (Ditto Nikki/Jessica/et al. although I’m still not sure where that storyline is going)

    There main problems currently seem to be two characters they had well-established early. Hiro is emotionally all over the place: a confident warrior at the end of last season, a moronic nut-case at the beginning of this one. What was endearing is starting to get annoying.

    And Peter…well…the writers MUST figure out exactly how his ‘absorption’ power works…because right now I think they are sort of ‘winging’ it. Some of his powers work sometimes, but generally they seem to disappear or appear as MacGuffins. (For example, when super fast girl attacked him…is there any reason he didn’t speed up ALSO?)

    Anyway. Overall good, needs more HRG next ep though.

  • Hdj

    The show does not rely on Peter being a Moron, I cant assure you that.
    Peter didn’t cut his brothers head completely open, he stalled, maybe because he realized that he had his brothers power, plus he was probably just reacting out of anger.
    The reason Peter and Sylar didn’t kick ass,was Sylar’s son was in the room. Sylar was trying to prevent the inevitable from happening. And when they killed his Son, Sylar lost it and turned in to an A bomb.

  • JoshB

    So, upon being threatened by three superhumans bent on murder, Sylar figured that keeping his secret was more important than defending his son? And Peter, who can stop time and thus could have easily saved them all, agreed? Nope, not convinced, it’s still lazy writing.

  • Hdj

    Not keeping his powers secret. Using any powers at all is a dangerous environment. Especially for a kid. It was more of a ” not here not now” type of stall.

  • Drave

    The thing about Peter is, the more powers he learns, the more ineffectual he becomes. It’s a case of having too many options. Someone is shooting a gun at you! Do you a) generate a shield, b) stop time, c) speed up and dodge it, d) melt the bullets, e) become intangible, whoops, too late, you’ve been shot. I get the feeling he tends to focus on specific batches of powers and adopt them as his base set, and he only thinks of the others when he goes into problem-solving mode. If we remember from season one, he activates each power by thinking about the person he got it from. That also means that the powers are probably harder to call up as he becomes colder and more ruthless.

    I think the reason Sylar never seems to have this trouble has to do with the nature of his gift. It hasn’t been made 100% clear until this episode, but his actual power is simply looking at things and understanding them. As he gains experience, I think he is discovering new applications of this ability. It’s a really abstract abstract power when you think about it. I suspect it applies to situations as well as physical objects and brain functions. He can look at a situation and understand it completely, which probably aids him in rapidly choosing tactics to get through it. Just something random I have been thinking about.

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