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more reasons why U.S. geeks need region-free DVD players

If you don’t already own a region-free DVD player, American geeks, here’s all the incentive you should need to get one: Now available for sale via Amazon U.K. is the Region 2 box set of Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. You can’t get it yet in the U.S. In fact, Amazon U.S. won’t even tell you when Season 4 might be available here. The best it can do is let you sign up to be notified when the release date is announced.

This is only slightly better: new box sets of the Star Wars Original and Prequel trilogies were just released in the U.K. Region-free-free Americans have to wait only another month of so for our editions of the flicks.

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  • Be sure and read the comments — at first glance I thought this set might contain the forthcoming second half of season 4. It doesn’t. Just the first 10 episodes that already aired (not including Razor). My wallet was all the way open for a moment there.

  • TheGaucho

    Great! Yet another way to spend my cash on George Lucas´s suckfest!

  • psst!

    BSG 4.0 region 1… 1/6/09

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