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Obama versus ‘Pushing Daisies’ tonight?

Thank god for DVR. I’ll watch Obama and record Pushing Daisies, for later blogging.

I have to wonder, though, why ABC held out for so long on agreeing to air Obama’s half-hour whatever-it’s-gonna-be that the Obama campaign said “No, thanks, we’re good.” And of course I worry that if everyone in the whole damn country tunes in for Obama, ABC will see that as another mark against Daisies, which is wallowing in poor ratings, perhaps thanks to poor promotion by ABC.

I don’t mean to suggest that the fate of a mere TV drama is more important than the political and social future of the United States. I’m speaking only from the perspective of a media analyst, such as I am.
I wonder, too — as TV Week does — how many Americans will actually watch Obama. And I wonder what those who do watch will gain from it. It’s hard to fathom anyone genuinely undecided at this point — honestly, how can anyone not know how they’re going to vote at this point? I’m already decided: against McCain, which means for Obama. I’m watching because I’d like to actually be enthusiastically for-Obama, instead of merely enthusiastically against-McCain, and maybe something I see tonight will help me.

And I’m also curious, from the perspective of a professional media watcher, how this could play into a potential Obama administration. We’re coming out of eight years of a president who barely held press conferences, never mind actually speaking like a human being to the American public. And we’re entering a period that absolutely everyone is likening to the Great Depression, rightly or wrongly. Might we see a 21st-century version of FDR’s Fireside Chats from a President Obama? Maybe it will be weekly TV broadcasts, maybe it’ll be regular blogging from the Oval Office, maybe it’ll be a podcast… maybe this is the first installment.

It’ll definitely be an extra on the DVD.

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