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Patrick Stewart as a Time Lord?

The Sun says it’s so, with quotes from Stewart and everything, so it’s probably not total bullshit:

ACTING legend Patrick Stewart is to make a giant leap across space — from Star Trek to Doctor Who.

He has agreed to a major role in the Time Lord’s next series after teaming up with the Doctor (David Tennant) on stage.

The pair starred in a production of Hamlet in the summer. Patrick — Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek — has been offered a role in a two-parter involving the Daleks, set to be screened next year.

The new series will also see the return of classic alien enemies the Ice Warriors and the Zygons. Patrick, 68, is a big Doctor Who admirer and has spoken in the past of his desire to star in the show.

He said: “I have been a fan, actually yes, and I’m deeply dismayed that I was never asked to be in it. I think it’s a terrific series.” A source said: “Patrick and David are firm friends now, and want to work together again. They’ve got chemistry and that’s what Doctor Who is all about.

“Patrick’s role is still being finalised but the plan is for him to play a renegade Time Lord called the Meddling Monk, who was last seen in Doctor Who in the 1960s. The Doctor thought his entire race was wiped out and gets a huge surprise to find another member of his species.”

After having seen Tennant and Stewart together on stage in Hamlet, and I can say only, Woo-hoo!

(Thanks to reader Lanna Lee and others for pointing this out to me.)

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  • everstar

    I may have done a little helpless flail of joy upon seeing this. OMG. Admittedly it’s not seeing them in Hamlet, but this is almost as good!

  • Ryan H

    Yes please!

  • Stewart’s quote is an old one and the other is from a Sun “source”, which often translates as “speculation on the spoiler threads of Doctor Who fansites”.

  • jakob1978

    Stewart’s quote is an old one and the other is from a Sun “source”, which often translates as “speculation on the spoiler threads of Doctor Who fansites”.

    Yeah, spoiler (and speculation) on the “Spoilers” thread at the Doctor Who Forum (formerly Outpost Gallifrey) regularly gets reported in the Sun…This news was posted on there last week. Clearly a reporter has an account there.

  • Alexiswi

    Well, here’s hoping there some truth to it in any case. I would *love* to see this happen!

  • SoniaDee

    Ok, I realize this has nothing to do with anything (for that, I’m terribly sorry), but I felt a need to share…


    Yay for pictures! Although they do just make me sadder about missing this show. And just to be a complete girl about it, he’s beautiful.

  • That would be great !!!

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