weekend box office: doggie doo-doo dominates again

I understand that in hard times, people just want something silly to entertain them. But Beverly Hills Chihuahua? Really?

1. Beverly Hills Chihuahua: $17.5 million (dropping 40% in its 2nd week)
2. Quarantine: $14.2 million (NEW)
3. Body of Lies: $13.1 million (NEW)
4. Eagle Eye: $11 million (3rd week)
5. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist $6.5 million (dropping 42.5% in its 2nd week)
I am filled with dread and horror, kinda like this:

This doesn’t make me feel so great either: the comments following a blog posting by Mark Caro at the Chicago Tribune’s site, in which he wonders, “How did DiCaprio and Crowe get chomped by ‘Chihuahua’?” His readers offer the “obvious” answer:

Hmmm, could it be that America is tired of Anti-American, Anti-War movies? Maybe a positive movie about our troops liberating Falujah would put some butts in the seats. But this lefty crap is getting a little old.

Or maybe this is the reason:

It’s sickening what is happening with this country, especially over the last eight years, we have our fill of lies and distortions and criminal activity from our government “leaders”, where nothing is being done about it and they get away with it, under cover of “patriotism” and “security”… it is frustrating to see the sociopaths in government act out in ways which create the very terrorism they use as an excuse to further their unconscionable selfish and greedy agenda. Who wants to go to the movies and see more of it?

Make US a Movie where our elected and appointed government administraitor criminals are exposed, caught, tried and hung, and I’ll go see that.

but I will not go see these lying SOBs turned into “patriotic” homicidal heros..

Is the film “lefty” or “righty”? It can’t be both, can it? Could it actually be somewhat more complicated than a simple label can contain? Oh noes! I keep insisting that American audiences are not stupid. Why do they keep insisting on proving me wrong?

The smaller movies are where the action really was this weekend, with meaty per-screen averages for flicks playing in very limited release. Guy Ritchie’s new mockney crime comedy RockNRolla (which goes wide on October 31) earned $20,143 on each of seven screens, with Happy-Go-Lucky — $20,000 on each of four screens — close behind. Rachel Getting Married was third, earning $17,185 on each of 27 screens. (I’ll review all of these ASAP.) The wide releases were far behind: in fourth place, on a per-screen basis, was the not-screened-for-critics Quarantine, which took in $5,770 at each of 2,461 venues, and then Chihuahua in fifth place, at $5,442 at each of 3,218 venues.

[numbers via Box Office Mojo]

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