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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

mmm, chocolate

Recently I mentioned feeling blue and needing chocolate. Literally moments later, reader Drave (who is about to launch a site at drave-reviews.com) stepped up to the plate, and offered to get me a fix from his local chocolate pushers, Sahagún Handmade Chocolates in Portland, Oregon.

They arrived yesterday. They’re pretty much gone already.

It’s hard to pick a favorite flavor among all the weird and wonderful combinations Sahagún makes. I liked the salted caramel one a lot, and the “Meteor of São Tomé” was pretty awesome. The chocolate-dipped candied tangelo peels were amazing. They also do a “Miracle Pill,” which is “prune d’Augen with house-candied orange peel dipped in Santo Domingan bittersweet chocolate — guaranteed to bring you back to life.” Tee-hee!

(They do mail order! Tell ’em I sent you.)

So, a big hearty less-blue-feeling thanks to Drave, who is beyond generous.

Wait, now I am feeling blue again. I think I need a fix of David Tennant. Someone please ship him to me posthaste. (Remember to put some holes in the box so he can breathe.) I promise to take good care of him.

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