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penguins don’t make good film critics

My friend Gail sent me this old Doonesbury Bloom County cartoon this morning:

Not sure if she’s trying to tell me something…

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  • shoop

    Not “Doonesbury,” but “Bloom County.”

  • MaryAnn, I’m saddened that you didn’t know that was Bloom County. This particular strip is part of a series of clips where Opus becomes the entertainment critic. Comedy gold, all of them.

    I miss Bloom County.

  • JoshDM

    “Bloom County”. Bad blog poster. Bad. Or at least, not very good.

  • jason

    But is he “biast” ? ;)

  • At least now we know how often MaryAnn reads the funny papers…

  • MaryAnn

    I do know that it’s *Bloom County,* which I used to read religiously, when I read actual paper newspapers, before the Internet. It was just a slip of the brain.

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