trailer break: ‘Good’

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Nazis! I hate these guys. Oh, wait… some of them were good people caught up in a situation they didn’t realize would get so bad? Hmm. It looks like Viggo Mortensen may be playing the Most Lovable Nazi ever here, just a nice guy, a smart man who did something really stupid because maybe it didn’t look so stupid at the time. Still, couldn’t people tell who the bullies were, even before they did the worst of their bullying? Or perhaps the best we should hope for from a story like this is that it serves as a cautionary tale for us good people to stop the bullies the next time before they get too entrenched.

Good made its debut at the Toronto Film Festival this September, and seems to be getting a rush toward release by year’s end. I think the December 31 release date means it won’t be eligible for the Oscars (films have to play for at least a week prior to the end of the year, which means they have to open by December 25 to be eligible), so it might not be an awards thing. I think it’s probably a coattails thing, what with Defiance — the Daniel Craig-fighting-Nazis movie — and Valkyrie — the Tom Cruise-is-a-Nazi-fighting-Hitler movie — sure to be major players in critics’ awards and hence in Oscar-speculating fun. And do we ever get tired of movie Nazis? Not yet we haven’t.

Good opens limited in the U.S. on December 31; no U.K. release date has been announced yet.

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