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‘Lost’: Season Four on DVD

I cover the new Region 1 DVD release of Season Four of Lost over at Film.com. (It’s also just out in Region 2.)

A “recommend” or a comment over at Film.com would be nice, if you feel you can recommend the story or have something interesting to say in a comment. It pleases the Film.com overlords to see that their writers are drawing an audience.

I also wrote the questions for the Lost Season Four trivia game Real.com is running. (Real.com owns Film.com.) Have fun.

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  • Mark

    I also wrote the questions for the Lost Season Four trivia game Real.com is running

    I just played it. Good questions!

    Two things. First — and this is probably their fault an not yours — there are a bunch of typos in the questions (most notably, there are no apostrophes, so words like “he’s” look like “hes”, and thus horrible and semi-literate).

    Second (and here I warn the casual reader of SPOILERS): One of the questions was about the child that Kate was raising as her own. I was pretty sure it was Aaron (Claire’s child and thus Jack’s half-nephew); that’s certainly what I remember from watching the series. But the correct answer was “Kate and Sawyer’s baby”; if that’s the case, then I either totally missed that when watching it, or I totally forgot it. Or, it’s possible the quiz-building folks got one of their answer flags wrong.

  • josh

    Good quiz!

    But I should say that another mistake is when the questions about Sun using her money from the crash, she’s referred to as Jin

    But besides that its very well done, you give a good mix of obscure questions mixed in with more obvious ones, so well done!

  • MaryAnn

    The typos and lack of apostrophes is not my idea. :-> I dunno why they’d remove the apostrophes — some sort of programming thing, maybe.

    Yes, the baby is Aaron. That answer has been coded wrong. I’ve let them know that.

    And yup, “Jin” should be “Sun.” That was my mistake — I am *always* mixing up their names — dunno why. I’ve let them know about that, too.

    Thanks for pointing these out.

  • Mark

    some sort of programming thing, maybe

    I’m sure it is — someone doesn’t know how to escape single-quotes in Flash. (It’s very very easy…).

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