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surprise! Sci Fi in HD

I just discovered, totally by accident, that my cable company is now carrying the Sci Fi Channel in HD.

Might have been nice if they’d, I dunno, actually informed me about this exciting programming addition.

I wonder how long it’s been available…

I wonder what other channels I don’t know I have…

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maryann buzz
  • Very cool.

  • misterb

    We’ve had SciFi-HD since the last series of Battlestar Galactica. It does make even the super cheesy movies they have most of the time seem slightly less cheesy.

    We have a man v woman difference here. Within hours of my cable company adding new HD channels – I’m right on top of it, because I compulsively click over all the choices available at least once every 15 minutes. My wife refuses to give me the remote control, but I can’t understand why.

  • Jester

    On AT&T Uverse, I always know when they’ve added new channels to the line-up: the picture on both of my TVs suddenly turns to crap because when they reset the box, the formerly 1080i signal drops to 480p. It’s half annoying (because I then have to fix it), and half helpful, ’cause then I know to go looking for new channels. ;-)

  • MaryAnn

    Within hours of my cable company adding new HD channels

    Yeah, but how do you know they added channels? They tell you, somehow. My shitty cable company doesn’t tell me anything, except when they’re raising my rates.

  • misterb

    I know they added channels because I click through the channel guide aimlessly whenever anything boring is on the channel I’m watching. Our service lets you turn the picture into a small window in the screen and see the channel guide at the same time.

    With the quality of TV and my ADD – I’m almost always clicking aimlessly.

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