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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

the oh-no! DVD of the week: ‘Sex and the City: The Movie: The Wedding Collection Ultimate Collectors Edition’

Dear God, it’s full of pink.

This limited edition Sex and the City: The Wedding Collection Ultimate Collector’s Edition 4-disc gift set features the 157 minute extended version of Sex and the City: The Movie

Extended? Wasn’t the original torture enough? Extended with what? More whining about how men are useless pigs even as Our Heroines treat them like shit?

with commentary by director Michael Patrick King,

“And in this scene, we decided to go with the Manolos instead of the Choos because Sarah totally convinced me that they were more authentic to Carrie’s character…”

approx 4 hours of bonus content,

Two words: Shopping montages!

a CD filled with music inspired by the movie (featuring artists such as Jennifer Hudson, Natasha Bedingfield, and many more),

Please shoot me.

a digital copy of the theatrical version, and a hardcover album containing stunning photography,

Translation: “stunning photography” = “product placement.”

poignant quotes from the script,

No, really: shoot me.

and romantically inspired selections of love letters from legendary men.

I bet it does not include that one from Napoleon to Josephine instructing her not to wash. Because that’s so gross!

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  • Oh god, the horror! Having to sit through this movie in the theater was one of the worst experiences of my life. I don’t even want to think about an extended edition.

    Will you be doing a giveaway for this package? If so, I’d like to win it so I can burn it. I think that would be cathartic.

  • Kate

    I didn’t hate the show exactly but this movie was pretty craptastic. Only ONE good scene in it as far as I’m concerned: when Carrie’s friends take her off to Mexico to recover and Sarah Jessica Parker has what I thought was a very good moment where she looks at herself in the mirror and looks very, very real as a person suffering from heartbreak.

    So to me, if you were going to make a special dvd of the movie, I’d just give a brief synopsis in Star-Wars style letters of the story up to this point (“this character has been hurt by a man” oughta do it) and then that scene.

    And then, LE FIN.

  • Diane

    Consider yourself shot.

    Did you know they’re talking about making a second movie?

    I’ll keep the gun handy, just in case.

  • blake

    That DVD is man Kryptonite.

    Even typing on the same page is weakening my man powers.


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