Sucker Punch (review)

This SUCKER PUNCH from my man Zack Snyder is just like so totally fukkin awesome I dont even know where to start. Who the fuk wants to watch fukkin hobbits gettin all weepy and shit get to the part where we get to see orcs vomittin black blood when there heads get loped off and shit. And its all in the fukkin slomo shit where you can like really savor that shit and make it last. Thats what SUCKER PUNCH is just one long aaaaahhhh of awesomeness.

more reasons to hate ‘Sex and the City’

Sex and the City 2 is doing remarkably well at the U.K. box office, handily retaining the No. 1 spot this past weekend and overall doing about twice as well, comparatively speaking, as it is performing in North America. As Charles Gant at the Guardian’s Film blog notes: After two weekends in the US, it … more…

what a girl wants

I was already down with the A-Team movie, just because: 1) hello! A-Team movie 2) silliest TV show ever 3) someone else noticed how awesome Sharlto Copley is But then I saw this image at Yahoo! Movies, part of a roundup about the most anticipated movies of the upcoming spring/summer season: And I almost fainted. … more…