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celebrity idiot of the week: Gwyneth Paltrow

Like oh my god. Did you know that Gwyneth Paltrow has a weekly newsletter about how to “nourish the inner aspect”? It’s totally awesome… and so totally not — as some dweeb at the L.A. Times who probably isn’t even a real blonde like Gwyneth said — about “inner superficiality.” (She’s just jealous.)

It’s called GOOP. I know it sounds silly, but whatever. I think maybe it’s like one of those zen words that if you say it over and over, it becomes deep.

Gwyn (do you think she’ll mind if I call her Gwyn?) tells us that:

Goop is a newsletter that will usually come once a week. I will be sharing recipes, my personal travel notes, the advice that I get and follow, and so much more. GOOP is constantly evolving- I’m excited to have you join us.

Is she totally generous or what? Imagine, her a glamorous and famous and rich actress with a famous and rich rock star husband — her life must be crazy busy but she’s still making time to share her fabulousness with us. We should feel blessed.

Gwyneth is now my go-to girl when I want to know stuff like how to detox and what to do when my bowels get sluggish, how Kabbalah can make Christmas better, and the best kind of little black dress that’s worth saving up for because I’ll be passing it down to my daughter!

I am so going to stay at one of her favorite hotels in L.A. next time I’m there. The garden suites she recommends start at only $1,400 a night!

As Gwyn herself might say: MAKE GO GET DO BE SEE!

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