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Nathan Fillion’s got a new show?

This is what I get for not reading fan sites. I only just discovered now, during a commercial break in the middle of Lost, that Nathan Fillion is gonna be appearing on my TV again on a regular basis. Seems ABC’s got a cop show called Castle debuting in March.

Honestly, it looks like the same old crap: snarking cops? Really? This is the best they can do? No wonder the networks are dying.

Ah, but wait. Fillion’s not a cop at all! From ABC’s official site for the show:

Castle is a 1 hour witty drama based on a famous crime and horror novelist who helps the NYPD homicide department solve crimes.

Richard “Rick” Castle [Nathan Fillion], a rock star of the literary world, is suffering from a case of writers block after killing off the main character in his novels and is struggling to come up with a replacement.

Castle had grown weary of having it all, “fame, fans and females”, when he was approached by the attractive Detective Kate Beckett [Stana Katic] of the NYPD to help catch the copy-cat killer staging murders based on scenes from his novels.

Castle is not a traditional investigator and his approach to solving the crimes conflicts with Beckett’s conservative approach leading to much tension and a hint of romance.

Oh my god. That makes me want to bash my head against a brick wall. And that’s before I even learned that Castle was created by Andrew W. Marlowe, screenwriter of such classics as End of Days, Hollow Man, and Hollow Man II. So not promising.

Also: Who do they think they’re fooling with Stana Katic’s faux Detective Benson? Maybe if it was Mariska Hargitay, there’d be the exciting possibility that the Lady Cop could actually kick Castle’s ass. Not that I’m advocating violence against men or anything, but this Castle dude is looking like the kind of guy who needs to be kept in line lest he steal all the good bits of dialogue. And you know there won’t be many, and they’ll all be jokes about “debriefing” and the potential usages of handcuffs outside of law-enforcement scenarios.

Oh, I’ll watch. It’s Nathan Fillion. But Castle’s gonna have to not-suck something fierce to keep me watching. I mean, look:

Does that inspire much confidence?

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  • Ryan

    Bones II.

  • Oh wow, I forgot all about this. I think saw the pilot at least six months ago. It was so-so, from what I remember… really just another of these “sexy, eccentric male lead works with hard-nosed (also sexy) female detective to solve crimes with his Out-of-the-Box perspective”, which has been done to death lately.

  • Honestly though, I can’t find it, and I don’t remember the episode enough to tell if I actually saw it, or just saw a trailer for it… I’m like 75% sure I saw it.

    I’m gonna have to retract the previous post until I can figure out the truth!

  • j4yx0r

    @Ryan: Ain’t nothing wrong with Bones!


  • Now THAT’S a good news !!! More Captain Reynolds, please … ^_^

  • Since we’re talking, any news from Whedon’s DollHouse OR of a sequel of Serenity ?

  • Ken

    Katic’s website describes it as a romantic comedy. Both her site and the blurb you posted describe it as “witty” — it would be nice if the material is there for the viewer to come to that conclusion independently.

  • AJP

    So, he’s starring in a revised Murder, She Wrote?

  • bitchen frizzy


    It also bears a lot of resemblence to CBS’s “Eleventh Hour” (itself a remake). In that show a female FBI agent shepherds a consultant “scientist” around on cases.

    Yet another manifestation of the “Deep Impact/ Armageddon” phenomenon.

  • Anne-Kari

    I am holding out hope that this will be better than it seems from the previews.

    BTW, the best place for Whedon related news, with minimal fan craziness, is Whedonesque.com.

    @kusanagi – Dollhouse premeire is Feb 13th, and as for Serenity… sadly, the official word to date is no more films.

  • Jurgan

    “So, he’s starring in a revised Murder, She Wrote?

    Fuck, beaten.

  • I suppose if Kids Need to Read, they might as well read mystery novels, eh?

  • Diane

    Love, love, love Nathan Fillion. I’d watch him read the phone book. So I’ll watch the show, unless it’s unbearably bad. And I’ll probably watch it even then.

  • Diane

    @C. David Dent-Thanks for the link. “Reading-it is the single most important skill children must learn to be productive members of society.” As a mother, and a future educator (last semester of grad school-yay), I couldn’t agree with that statement more.

    And now I love Mr. Fillion even more.

  • JoshDM

    Murder, He Wrote.

  • JoshDM

    KASANAGI, Dollhouse starts February 13th.

  • It does sound a bit like the MTV to VH1’s Bones. Every time the studios churn out two products with a similar concept, one is the MTV version and one is the VH1 version. The quintessential example is Armageddon vs Deep Impact, but there are dozens of instances of this.

  • Update: I’m gonna have to say I made all that up about seeing the pilot, I can’t find it anywhere; not even a reference to it. I will be tuning in for the first episode, even if only to prove to myself that I actually didn’t see it; I hold out very little hope that it’ll be any good though.

  • You’re forgetting that Marlowe was also responsible for the Harrison Ford arsefest that is “Air Force One.” “Castle” does sound soooo derivative and cliched, and, therefore, wank; my only hope, on seeing the first trailer, is that the Captain might well be capable of doing that rare thing – polishing a turd.

  • Barb

    I’ll check out the first episode at least. About time Nathan found a decent show that would last longer than a season. Bones has lost it’s appeal to me this season (except for the appearances by Ryan O’Neal).

  • @Anne-kari & JoshDM: Thank you !

  • Castle is a 1 hour witty drama based on a famous crime and horror novelist who helps the NYPD homicide department solve crimes.

    Well, from a certain angle, that picture does make Fillion look like a young Clive Barker…

  • b626

    Don’t mean to go off topic but Nathan’s part in ‘New in Town’ has been totally
    cut from the movie. Who would believe Zellweger would breakup with such a hottie?
    So don’t bother going if you looking for Mr. Fillion.

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