okay, okay: Michelle Ryan will be appearing on ‘Doctor Who’

Yes, I heard about Michelle Ryan — she of EastEnders fame, and Bionic Woman infamy — being cast in the upcoming Doctor Who special to air at Eastertime:

But I think it’s probably a bit premature to be calling her “the Doctor’s new companion,” and everyone — such as the Daily Mail — seems to be doing.

Michelle Ryan looks set to become the next Doctor Who companion after landing a plum role in the show’s Easter special.

The former EastEnders actress will appear in Planet of the Dead, which will be broadcast on BBC1 in April.

She will play Lady Christina de Souza, who accompanies David Tennant’s Doctor on a dangerous bus trip.

Executive producer Russell T Davies said: ‘The script is being kept strictly under wraps – however we can reveal that Lady Christina is a woman with a mysterious past who’s going to have a huge impact on the Doctor.’


The Easter special is one of four stand-alone episodes of the show to be broadcast this year. In each, the Doctor will have a different companion.

Aha! Ryan’s appearance here doesn’t make her any more of a companion than Kylie Minogue was.

But but:

However, BBC bosses have not yet announced who will star alongside new Doctor Matt Smith in the 2010 series.

Show insiders said that Miss Ryan, 24, is a key contender to play Mr Smith’s assistant.

A source revealed: ‘Michelle’s been in secret talks with BBC bosses.

‘They are likely to announce her as Doctor Who’s new assistant very soon.

Yeah, well, we’ve seen how accurate these rumors put about by anonymous insiders have been.

‘She is perfect for the role. She is good looking and the right age to star alongside Matt.

What? He’s a 900-year-old Time Lord! Anybody’s the “right age” to star alongside him! Sheesh.

Seriously, I hope this is not how they’re thinking. Because if it is, it means we won’t get another companion like Catherine Tate’s Donna — who would be “too old” for the 11th Doctor.

If this Smith guy isn’t able to pull off enough authority to convincingly play the Doctor — even enough to stand up to an actress 10 or 12 years older than the actor — we’re in big trouble.

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