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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

David Tennant sitting

It’s has just been brought to my attention that there is a blog devoted entirely to pictures of David Tennant sitting, or in various degrees of reclining.

I pass no judgment on this. Any excuse for sharing pictures of David Tennant is absolutely fine with me.

(No, actually, the blog, The Medium Is Not Enough, is all about TV in its entirety, with only a subsection devoted to David Tennant sitting. I was ready to say that it’s nice to see another American blog as mad about Doctor Who as I am, but it’s a British blog. Which means, as far as I can determine, that I continue to win the award for “American Blog Most Inexplicably Insane About Doctor Who.”)

A sample:

This is the problem:

Jardel’s picture is from Glastonbury, apparently, and it’s either supposed to indicate what David Tennant looks like when he gets out of bed in the morning or it’s an indication that he’d quite like to be a New Age shaman, given half a chance. It’s not definite whether he’s sitting or not, but I think if we all imagine his bottom, it’s clear that he is.

See, no one should say things like “what David Tennant looks like when he gets out of bed in the morning,” because it makes my blood pressure go through the roof.

That is all.

(Thank you so much to my friend Bonnie for alerting me to this site. Seriously: thanks a bunch. Cuz I’ve got nothing else to be doing this afternoon. Nothing at all.)

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  • kathleen

    mmmmm… David Tennanty goodness… sigh. *curses the atlantic ocean*

  • Gina

    As I number in the unemployed statistics, I should be looking for a job. Instead, I am looking at pictures of David Tennant in various states of reclining.Drat you MaryAnn(Shaking my fist angrily)! Oh, and did I say thank you?

  • Mimi

    Thanks for that. I did not just spend an hour on that site, not I.

  • …but I think if we all imagine his bottom…”

    i do, i DO! imagine his bottom! now, if i clap my hands three times and wish really hard, will my dream of *seeing* DT’s bottom come true?

  • Bill

    is there a site devoted entirely to pictures of Freema Agyeman sitting, or in various degrees of reclining? i think white men are over represented on sites devoted to pictures of them sitting, or in various degrees of reclining. it’s an outrage. an outrage! someone needs to stand for the Freemas and the Billies and the Catherines. anywho, i’m here for you, Freema. call me. is it cool if i call you Dr. Jones?

  • superhotmel

    Oh god, the first one he’s lying down. My overreactive imagination just exploded.

    Have a brand new RSS to check now,
    Cheers for that….

  • Mimi

    superhotme, You like lying down, eh? Try: http://tinyurl.com/lyingdowneh

    The Friday Night Project interviews are worth tracking down online (the Tube of You has them at the moment, I believe). Absolutely hilarious and charming, that man.

    And as for Bill, the Freema fan — you’ll have to create your own pun-inspired website for her. Apparently (I learned today) “sitting tenant” (one “L”) is an expression in British real estate. Chortle, chortle.

  • Bronxbee, just watch Recovery on Youtube and you won’t even have to clap your hands and wish really hard to see what you want to see.

    Mimi, I can’t find even one “L” in “sitting tenant”. :)

  • Mimi

    Weimlady, clearly you’re just not looking hard enough, and are not enough of a fan.

    Um, that, or I inexplicably typed “L” instead of “N.” (But why would I DO that?)

  • Mimi, undoubtedly you were distracted by the photographs which are the subject of this blog entry. Which I would happily look at as hard as needed, rather than look at your post trying to discover where the “L” those “Ls” went.

    There is an L in ogle. And one in drool. Two in lovely. One in lascivious. One in lanky. Oooh, lanky. Lankiness is just so…lovely.

    Perhaps those were some of the “Ls” you had in mind.

  • i’ve seen “Recovery” thank you… but that’s his “actor’s” bottom… i want to see *his* bottom.

    i really hope to hell DT doesn’t look at this stuff to see how he’s going over with fans.

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