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dream cast: hypothetical alternate universe ‘Doctor Who’

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s usually time to remake an 80s classic TV show or movie with an all-new cast. But this week, to commemorate my visit to London, let’s have a different kind of fun. I know they’ve already picked Matt Smith to replace David Tennant, but let’s pretend they didn’t. Let’s pretend it’s still up in the air who the 11th Doctor will be.

(If you have a suggestion for an 80s TV show or movie we should play with, feel free to email me.)
My dream cast:

The Doctor: Clive Owen
The Master: Michael Sheen

Pick a Doctor, and then it’s open from there. Pick companions, invent a new villain for your favorite actor, and take it from there.

Have fun!

Talkin’ ‘bout regeneration:

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  • Ryan H

    The Doctor: Philip Glenister
    The Master: Alan Rickman

  • shawnp

    Doctor: Anna Friel

    Companions: Carey Mulligan & Ben Whishaw &/or Harry Lloyd (continuity issues?–they’ll think of something)

    The Master: Stephen Fry

    Fenric: Michael Sheen (bad wolf!)

    Romana: Joanna Lumley

  • The Doctor: Peter Wingfield

    His Companion: Daniel Radcliffe (as ‘Doctor’ Sevateem, Leela’s half-timelord son)

    Rasillon: Terry Jones

    The 11th Doctor has discovered that Leela’s son survived the Time War but is trapped in the Age of Rasillon. In rescuing him he is tasked by Rasillon himself to break the Time Lock and save the Timelords from their own folly.

  • Martin

    Doctor: Jack Davenport

    Companion: Jamie Bell

    I’d love to see Jack Davenport play a stoic, almost Sherlock Holmes-esque Doctor.

  • The Doctor: Eddie Izzard
    The Companion: Dawn French
    The Master: Sir Ian McKellan

    Actually, you could switch any of those actors to any of the roles and I would be happy.

  • Ryan

    Doctor Who: James McAvoy
    Companion: Helen Mirren, Emily Blunt

  • Ken

    Hugh Laurie as either the Doctor or the Master.

  • I’m still in love with the idea of Adrian Lester as the Doctor.

  • PaulW

    The Doctor: Clive Owen
    The Rani: Tilda Swanson
    The Master: John Simm! Oh cmon, the guy’s faked his death before…
    Nyssa! have her return as the last survivor of Traken, having recovered the powers of the Keeper, seeking a way to undo the damage of the Time War and rebuild the universe through the Skasis Paradigm: Sarah Sutton
    Kadal, a warrior of the Draconian Empire, tasked by the Time Agency (Captain Jack’s old employers) to assassinate Nyssa before she unravels the universe: Jet Li
    Rassilon: Michael Caine
    Omega (who is secretly manipulating Nyssa as his means of escaping the anti-matter universe in which he is still trapped): Peter Davidson! (playing off the storyline where Omega copied the template of the Fifth Doctor)
    Doctor’s new companion Jewel: Afshan Azad
    Doctor’s old friend from 19th Century San Francisco, the Emperor Norton: Robert Duvall

  • VT

    Chiwetel Ejiofor as the Doctor.

  • blake

    The Doctor : Joanna Lumley
    The Master : Anthony Head.

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