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dream cast: hypothetical ‘Scarecrow and Mrs. King’ movie

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time to remake an 80s classic TV show or movie with an all-new cast. This week: Scarecrow and Mrs. King, the 1983-87 CBS romantic dramedy about a secret agent and the divorcée housewife who loves his adventurous life… and him.

(This week’s Dream Cast idea comes courtesy of Bonnie. If you have a suggestion for an 80s TV show or movie we should play with, feel free to email me.)
The original cast included:

Amanda King: Kate Jackson
Lee Stetson, aka Scarecrow: Bruce Boxleitner

I actually never watched the original show, but I can well imagine who the modern-day Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner are.

My dream cast:

Amanda King: Sophia Myles
Lee Stetson, aka Scarecrow: Nathan Fillion

Of course the Cold War ethos of the show would have to change, but instead of hunting Soviet spies they could hunt Al Qaeda sleeper cells or something.

Who would you cast? Feel free to opine on other characters I might not be aware of.

Opening credits, which I’ve never seen before. I don’t know how I managed to never ever catch an episode of this show, but I never did:

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  • Azar

    Nathan Fillion would be a fabulous Scarecrow, indeed, but I have to disagree with Sophia Myles. Amanda King is supposed to be an everywoman and Sophia is way too pretty in a glamorous way for me to ever imagine her in the role. Someone more like Annabeth Gish is who I would choose–a fabulous actress and still beautiful, but in a more every day/less beauty pageant sort of way.

    Sophia’d make a fabulous Francine Desmond, though. :-)

  • I soo had the hots for Mrs. King as a kid. I was a fan of Kate Jackson before I even discovered her as the “smart” Charlie’s Angel.

    Nathan Fillion in a remake would be a hoot. B)

  • musicbox

    Nathan would make a good Scarecrow, but someone like Sasha Alexander would be better as Amanda.

    And Tricia Helfer would kick-ass as Francine Desmond.

    They could change the kids and make them twins . . . how ’bout the Sprouse twins?!! LOL!

    It would be funny, but to me, there’s just no substitute.

  • backgammon3

    I agree that whoever would take Amanda King’s role shouldn’t be someone overly glamourous. Remember, Amanda’s the girl-next-door – former cheerleader, naive, and recently divorced with 2 energetic kids.
    KJ did such a wonderful job with this one that it would be tough to determine who today’s replacement would be.
    Although wrong hair color, I’m thinking the girl who did Willow on Buffy might be a choice. She’s cute, spunky, and a bit quirky – from what I remember of Buffy.
    As for Scarecrow – there’s lot’s of cute fellas out there, so I’m sure someone could find the right man.
    Well, there you have it – my humble input on this topic.

  • Kelly

    Sorry, but I’m a Scarecrow & Mrs. King die-hard and I can’t imagine anybody but Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson in the roles of Lee and Amanda. I was a teenager in the 80’s and I remember the show when it was a hit on CBS. For me, it will always be Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson.

  • MaryAnn

    You’re missing the point of the game, Kelly.

  • Kelly

    No, I’m not missing the point. I know you guys are talking about a film version of Scarecrow & Mrs. King with different actors in the roles. I’m just saying that it’s difficult for me to picture anybody else but Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson in the roles of Lee and Amanda because I grew up watching the TV series. If somebody did a film version of the show, of course they’d have to use different actors. But I can’t picture any other actors in those roles except Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson. Whenever I try to do that, nobody else comes to mind because I’m so used to Bruce and Kate. That’s what I meant. My apologies if I offended anybody.

  • Sydney

    I understand where Kelly is coming from. Kate Jackson and Bruce Boxleitner were so great in the roles that you just can’t imagine anyone else doing them. That said, if they made a movie of it the way they did “Charlies Angels”, it would work a lot better. You know how the remake had angels that weren’t supposed to be the characters in the original series. Well, you could do the same thing with this as the title isn’t really specific. Scarecrow doesn’t have to be Lee and Mrs King could have another first name. That way you could totally reinvent it because it was a great concept but not compete with the original.

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