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I’ve been playing around with the traffic-monitoring service SiteMeter, using it to track traffic here and attempt to figure out what I’m doing right, what I’m doing wrong, and see if maybe I can boost traffic somehow. One of the neat features it offers is a visual representation of where on the planet site visitors are coming from. Which is extremely cool:

The red dot is the most recent visitor as of the moment this image was created (which was just a few minutes ago), the green dots are the 10 most recent visitors before that, and the white dots are the 500 visitors before them. With the level of traffic here, that’s about the last two hours worth of traffic. (That’s traffic as SiteMeter is measuring it, which doesn’t agree with the numbers either Google Analytics or my Web host come up with. Which is a good reason to have more than one way to measure traffic at work.)

I’ve often wondered whether anybody at Antarctica is reading FlickFilosopher, but there don’t seem to be dedicated IP addresses for the continent. If you’re reading this down there on the ice, though, drop a comment here to let me know. That would be cool in more ways than one.

Just thought this’d be neat to share.

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