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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

it’s gotta be around here somewhere…

It’ll be big and round. You know, like a transmitter…

Sneaky aliens, cleverly hiding their evil taking-over-the-world equipment so well. Where could it be?

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  • Bill

    what timing. i had never seen an episode of Doctor Who until about 1 hour after reading this post. i mean, i have patchwork memories of electronica and a curly haired hero and i think there may have been a scarf, but i had never really watched the show. anywho, i decided to give it shot and started with the christoper eccleston series. so now i get the joke. and now i also know that “Who” is not the doctor’s last name. btw, how effing charming is eccleston’s doctor? that smiley bastard. great show.

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