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London meetup: Wednesday the 11th (correction!)

In case you’re not following my London trip on Twitter but still may like to join us for the meetup, here are some details.

WHEN: Wednesday February 12 11, 6ish in the evening
WHERE: Ealing, within stumbling distance of the Ealing Broadway tube stop

I’m still scoping out pubs, but there’s a few nice ones near the tube. I’ll let you know the precise location asap.

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  • Les Carr

    Just for clarification, on this side of the Atlantic, Wednesday is the 11th. Perhaps you’ve done enough pub-scoping :-)

  • Patrick

    MaryAnn, would you ever consider visiting the Pacific Northwest like Portland or Seattle? It’s a cool place for a cool chick like yourself!

    Something to chat about here:

    What are some titles you’re hoping for that have *YET* to be released on DVD/and or BluRay?

    Mine are:

    “Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth”

    “It Came From Hollywood”

    “Night of the Creeps”

    “Metropolis: The Giorgio Moroder Version” (from the 80’s)

    “The African Queen”


    “Daria (The Complete Series)”

    And the biggest reason stuff like this is held up is because of the sticky wicket of securing the rights to certain songs. And for that, we will sooner see a 5-disc Criterion release of “Dude, Where’s My Car?” than those listed above. Grrrrr!

  • RogerBW

    Bother. Very unlikely that I’ll be able to make it. Oh well.

  • Udpint

    The North Star is nice and close to the station, but almost always quite busy.
    Somewhere like The Wheatsheaf on Haven Lane is more likely to have room (unless there happens to be some major sporting event at the time).
    Chandlers is extremely close to the station, but there’s certainly no shortage of pubs within easy walking distance:

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