movie posters in London (part 1)

Movie posters spotted around London these last ten days. Some are exactly the same as those in New York; some are very different. I love seeing how movies are sold in different ways in different places.

The U.K. Bride Wars poster is way worse than the U.S. one:

The tagline is: “Before the rings go on, the gloves come off!” Yeah, with an exclamation point. This was in the window of a shop selling cosmetics and the other girlie stuff, because if you love eyeliner, you must be a miserable backstabbing bitch who’d fuck over your best friend for the sake of a fancy party.
The Slumdog Millionaire poster, spotted in the tube, is much brighter and cheerier than the U.S. ads:

Hotel for Dogs and Friday the 13th are very like the posters I’ve seen around NYC:

Notorious, on a phone box:

The Franklyn ad that prompted me to look for the trailer:

And the ad for The Secret of Moonacre, also trailer-search-inducing:

(That one was on a bus kiosk, and was lit up at night, which gave it a slightly eerie, slightly magical feel that doesn’t quite come across in the photo.)

The posters for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Seven Pounds almost identical to NYC ads:

(more here)

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