movie posters in London (part 2)

More movie posters spotted around London these last ten days. (Part 1 is here.)

Very different from the ads I’ve seen at home for Push, and also: did they make Dakota Fanning’s head freakishly large, or what:

Not a movie, of course, but what the hell. I get the sense that this is part of a larger campaign for Lost, one that features all sorts of different theories about what’s going on, but I didn’t see any others:

I don’t seem to remember the ads in NYC for The Reader seeming to suggest, as this one does, that the young Kate Winslet appears onscreen with Ralph Fiennes. (She doesn’t — she’s onscreen with him only in old-lady makeup.) But maybe I’m wrong. I’ll have to pay attention when I get home:

Sometimes I get invitations for screenings happening in London. (If any interesting ones had fallen in the time while I was here, I might have attended.) The Good, the Bad, the Weird is one I was invited to see before it opened. I probably should look for the trailer for this one, too:

Much more dynamic than the ads I’ve seen in New York for Che:

Maybe someone thinks Americans don’t want to be reminded that Guevara was a revolutionary.

The posters for Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Gran Torino, and Milk look very familiar to my Yank eye:

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