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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

suspected Darwinian atheist spotted…

…worshipping at the feet of the heathen blasphemer, who is now burning in hell:

(London’s Natural History Museum has a special exhibit on Darwin, what with it being the 200th anniversary of his birth and all. This large marble graven image seems like a permanent part of the museum, however.)

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  • ibroketuesday

    I was just there. While in the exhibit, I was interviewed by a woman who writes for a Mexican paper. She seemed surprised that she’d found an American who isn’t a creationist.

  • Pat Mustard

    A local (Cambridge) artist has just unveiled his latest statue – Darwin as a young man.

    He says “I would like people to think about Darwin afresh when they see the statue.

    The public perception of him is as an old man with a beard, but he was, by all accounts, an energetic and life-loving student who did much of his great work in his early years..”

    Young Darwin certainly does look like the kinda guy you wouldn’t mind propping up the bar with for an hour or two..

  • noq

    A devout Darwinian atheist would have their mandatory Origin of Species on them and some pamphlets to pass out to the non-non-believers, we always need new converts to keep the tithes up.

  • Mischief Maker

    Psh! The true sign of a Darwinian atheist is passing up the Nobel Prize year after year by hushing up the many many flaws in the “theory” of evolution. What do we get out of this massive academic conspiracy? Well it wouldn’t be a conspiracy if we told, now, would it?

  • Heather

    According to the BBC programme a week or so ago about Darwin and his theory, it is a permanent exhibit, but not normally in so prominent a place – I think it’s the first director of the NHA that’s normally found on that spot (he most certainly didn’t believe in the evolution theory).

    I must go look for pictures of the young Darwin statue Pat Mustard has mentioned. I always was interested in Darwin, but even more so since moving to a village associated with his grandfather and the Darwin family (several of whom can be found in the graveyard – I literally tripped over one of the stones!)

  • So either this is some mystery woman who keeps wandering into the view of MaryAnn’s camera or we have at last found out what MaryAnn looks like below the shoulders…

  • Kenny

    Heather is right… the statue of Darwin was always in the NHM.. but it wasn’t so prominently displayed. The spot where it now stands was occupied by a statue of Sir Richard Owen, the founder of the museum, who was a devout Christian and really hated the idea of evolution.
    They swapped the statues for the bicentennial and plan to leave them like that for good.

  • Pat Mustard

    I must go look for pictures of the young Darwin statue Pat Mustard has mentioned.

    Heather: On the Cambridge Evening News website (www.cambridge-news.co.uk), do a news search on darwin statue; the article ‘Bronze Darwin marks 200 Years’; has a picture of the statue & sculptor.

    Just out of interest, which is the village with the Darwin’s Grandad associations? I must go and have a look sometime.

  • Heather

    It’s the village of Elston near Newark – here’s the wikipedia link.

    I like it. If you ever do come for a look, let me know, I can point out the graves for starters!

  • Pat Mustard

    Cheers muchly Heather! I’ll certainly do that. Not a million miles from my hometown either (just north of Lincoln) & I never knew.

    Ya live and learn I guess..

  • Heather

    You’re welcome.

    If you’ve been in the area recently, it’s where the Eden Hall day spa is. (It’s great as a landmark…)

    I didn’t know till we moved here, so I wouldn’t feel too bad!

  • Pat Mustard

    Ah, yes – I believe my Mum knows Eden Hall quite well.. Have to arrange a trip next time I’m up visiting the folks.

    Tee-hee – love the fact that the former residence of a (presumably) austere preacher has been turned into a modern-day temple of hedonism. Not too sure he’d appreciate the irony, though..

  • Heather

    Well, if you do visit, let me know, and I can point out the various bits!

  • Pat Mustard

    Will do! How? Will u keep watching this space/thread..?!

  • Heather

    I’ve got a subscription to this thread, so I can see if you post to this.

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