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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

the TARDIS in Earls Court Road

It’s not really the TARDIS, of course, but it is an actual police box:

The info plaque on it. Note that the dedication date long predates the revival of Doctor Who:

I don’t know what the hell is with my expression here. Probably the ice-cold rain was hitting me right in the face:

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  • Mimi

    OOH! Ok: How silly will I feel, on a scale of one to ten, when I take this exact photo next month? I mean, are there people actively rolling their eyes at the geeks approaching their mecca?

  • PaulW

    Um, you didn’t see any creepy-looking weeping angels standing nearby…?

  • JSW

    Actually, it looks like the dedication pretty much exactly coincides with the first attempted Doctor Who revival; the Paul McGann Doctor Who movie aired in May of 1996. This police box was likely built to drum up publicity for that revival.

  • It wasn’t bigger on the inside, was it?

  • Joanne

    You know what – in three years living five minutes’ walk away, I never once looked at the label on that thing? According to a site I found though, it was built as a CCTV box (hence the “watchbox”) thing – not for any DW-related publicity!

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