Twitter (or Orange) falls down on the job

So none of the tweets I sent to Twitter yesterday from my Orange mobile phone got posted. I don’t know whether this is a Twitter issue or an Orange issue, but the text messages did get sent. Somewhere between my phone and Twitter, they disappeared.

Of course, I have not been saving sent messages, so they’re gone. I remember parts of some of them, but of course the point of tweeting my London trip was to pass on my spontaneous reactions to whatever I was doing and seeing, and trying to re-create them would be pointless.

I’ve submitted a trouble ticket to Twitter, but the autoresponse I got says it could be a week before I hear anything in return.

I leave for home today, so there wouldn’t have been much in the way of tweeting anyway, but I’ll try to send whatever tweets come to mind. And now I’ve set the phone to save sent messages, so if they don’t post to Twitter, I can post them via the Web later.

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