U.K. box office: another win for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’

A quick look at the U.K. box office — I’m busy actually checking out the cinema scene (among other scenes) in London.

Slumdog Millionaire continues to kick box office ass here:

1. Slumdog Millionaire: £2.6 million (4th week; drops 16%)
2. Valkyrie: £1.3 million (2nd week; drops 30%)
3. Revolutionary Road: £1 million (NEW)
4. My Bloody Valentine 3-D: £.9 million (3rd week; drops 22%)
5. Beverly Hills Chihuahua: £.7 (3rd week; drops 17%)

(actual numbers, not estimates)
While some of the numbers for the top films aren’t that great — a take of only £700,000 is enough for the chihuahua movie to get into the top 5 — overall box office in the U.K. is mirroring the trend in North America: it’s up 3 percent over last year.

Slumdog’s cumulative take is edging up on £15 million, which it will easily pass this coming weekend even if it takes a 50 percent drop, which seems unlikely.

Then again, the weather has been awful here this week, with much of the country ready to get walloped again by more snow — it’ll be interesting to see if that impacts box-office receipts for the upcoming weekend.

[numbers via UK Film Council]

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