bias update

obsession: the plays of William Shakespeare (cuz he never goes out of style)
boyfriend: Peter Davison in The Last Detective at the moment (but pretty much forever in anything)
psyched: absolutely nothing (the next month or so is a movie wasteland)
dreading: Knowing (see above about cinematic wastelands)
enemy: everyone responsible for Fired Up! (for trying to pass off such disgusting oafs as heroes)
I consider my current obsession with Shakespeare movie-related, not only because so many of his plays have ended up on the big screen. He was the consummate teller of stories in motion, full of action and intrigue and murder and romance. He’d have loved movies, and he probably would have written some great ones.

Very soon — I promise — I’ll share my reactions to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Taming of the Shrew that I saw in London last month. This Friday night I’m going to a production of The Winter’s Tale at Brooklyn Academy of Music. And I’ve been reading — studying, really — the plays I’ve been seeing on stage, and wow, that just makes me even more obsessed.

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