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question of the day: Are there “new rules” for movie stars?

Legendary Variety editor Peter Bart has some advice for movie stars in this year’s special movie issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands now. Among his “rules” for creating and maintaining stardom:

• A star must be willing to navigate the treacherous waters of both art and commerce in order to sustain a vital career…

• Stars who regard themselves as “serious actors” must search for roles that reveal empathy as well as histrionics…

• Identification as a “hunk” can prove to be a career ender….

These don’t sound particularly groundbreaking — we might have heard the same thing in 1950 — or even less than commonsensical. But maybe there are some tips that Bart missed.

Are there “new rules” for movie stars? And if so, what are they?

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