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curated: RIP Ron Glass

Sat Nov 26 2016, 10:58pm | 3 comments

from Facebook: when male film journalists mistake talking about their boners for lucid, informative, intelligent discussion about movies

Thu Jul 07 2016, 08:13pm | 7 comments

from Facebook: no, it is not “the year of the woman” at Cannes

Wed May 18 2016, 06:10pm | 0 comments

why Anthony Ingruber *must* be young Han Solo in the Star Wars spinoff

Wed Jan 13 2016, 02:53pm | 2 comments

from Facebook: now it’s Variety suddenly wondering about the absence of female film critics

Fri Jan 01 2016, 03:54pm | 0 comments

why does the Sicario Region 1 DVD cover art make it look like Benicio Del Toro is the star of the film?

Wed Dec 23 2015, 02:40pm | 34 comments

the magic bullet for improving the number of women directors working in Hollywood

Thu Jul 24 2014, 02:00pm | 17 comments

how not to do streaming: ABC screws up the Oscars

Mon Mar 03 2014, 10:42pm | 3 comments

Jeff Robinov, who decreed that Warner Bros wouldn’t make movies with female leads, wants to not make women-led films elsewhere, probably

Wed Jun 26 2013, 11:19pm | 15 comments

all movie news is inside-baseball now

Wed Mar 20 2013, 03:50pm | 0 comments

Tom Hanks knows what Doctor Who is (and other adventures in social networking)

Fri Nov 16 2012, 10:59pm | 2 comments

even Variety thinks critics should be objective (and other adventures in social networking)

Sun May 06 2012, 01:47am | 0 comments

translating Hollywood: the greenlighting of the Lego movie

Thu Nov 17 2011, 10:30pm | 0 comments

Doctor Who thing of the day: Hollywood threatens a Doctor Who movie from Harry Potter’s David Yates

Tue Nov 15 2011, 01:33pm | 0 comments

question of the day: Leonardo da Vinci, action hero: is the prospect terrifying or awesome?

Wed Nov 09 2011, 08:00am | 0 comments

Hollywood is just trolling us now: Disney exec says story doesn’t matter

Sun Aug 21 2011, 10:22pm | 0 comments

ungodly numbers of people watched the ‘Doctor Who’ premiere last weekend

Thu Apr 28 2011, 01:46pm | 0 comments

wtf: ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ done up funny

Wed Jul 14 2010, 03:41pm | 8 comments

question of the day: Are you suspicious when a studio tailors screening access to a film, as has happened with ‘Inception’?

Thu Jul 08 2010, 11:15am | 9 comments

wtf: Harry Knowles laments what he hath wrought

Thu Jul 01 2010, 08:44pm | 8 comments

question of the day: Has TV simply gone crazy?

Tue Jun 29 2010, 10:27am | 7 comments

question of the day: Now it’s ‘Killer’s and ‘Knight and Day’: Why do movies seem to come in thematic pairs so often?

Tue Jun 22 2010, 11:01am | 4 comments

wtf: ‘Eat Pray Love’ downgraded from R to PG-13 based on nothing at all

Wed Jun 09 2010, 05:32pm | 2 comments

because Hollywood is truly mystified that women might like Robert Downey Jr.

Wed May 12 2010, 04:00pm | 36 comments

Polanski speaks (but doesn’t apologize); sexist iPad ads?; Mr. Rogers is evil, says Fox News; more: leftover links

Sun May 09 2010, 03:41pm | 1 comment

Roger Ebert hates 3D; is Sacha Baron Cohen worth $20 million?; Brits playing American; and more: leftover links

Sun May 02 2010, 12:25pm | 4 comments

Chris Evans is Captain America, Michael Bay takes on ‘Monster Squad,’ Sarah Palin’s TV deal, and more: leftover links

Sat Mar 27 2010, 03:42pm | 8 comments

poor little rich movie stars, NetFlix and ‘Variety’ sued, God as a film critic: leftover links

Sun Mar 14 2010, 03:25pm | 3 comments

question of the day: If ‘Variety’ doesn’t see any future in film criticism, is there any hope for it?

Wed Mar 10 2010, 10:12am | 32 comments

John Barrowman serenades the Doctor, an Icelandic blockbuster, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ a disaster?, more: leftover links

Sat Feb 27 2010, 03:17pm | 5 comments

‘Avatar’ review embargo? eh, not so much

Fri Dec 11 2009, 03:40pm | 4 comments

my week at the movies: ‘The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day,’ ‘Amelia,’ ‘Astro Boy,’ ‘Ong Bak 2: The Beginning’

Tue Oct 20 2009, 03:52pm | 1 comment

dream cast: not-so-hypothetical ‘Alien’ prequel

Thu Aug 06 2009, 04:09pm | 3 comments

question of the day: What do you think of Oscar expanding the Best Picture category from 5 to 10 movies?

Thu Jun 25 2009, 11:19am | 16 comments

question of the day: Are there “new rules” for movie stars?

Wed Mar 11 2009, 08:46am | 2 comments

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