watch it: “Lucifer: The Movie”

Ray Griggs, creator of the abysmal Super Capers, previously made this short as a promo for his vision of a film trilogy about the rise and fall of Lucifer. Not a bad idea for a movie trilogy, and this certainly looks much more impressive than Super Capers. Well, until it starts to look like a videogame after the dragon attack– er, Cerebus attack. And until the angels start pouting at each other with stuff like, “I thought we agreed not to use our abilities.” Then it’s remarkably like Super Capers. I would expect archangels to have snappier things to say to each other than that.

If this is what Heaven was like before God invented humans — kinda like a D&D campaign, or a bad novel by Anne McCaffrey called Dragonriders of Hell — then no wonder He needed some distraction.

Wonderangel powers activate!

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