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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

5th thing I can tell you about ‘Wolverine’ that doesn’t violate the review embargo

Tim1974 is going to be really disappointed, because while Wolverine offers us a quick, at-a-distance, and-it’s-CGIed-anyway glimpse of mutant cock, there are no vulvas onscreen at all.

My review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine is embargoed until 12:01am Friday, but look for it then.

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  • CBN4ct

    I haven’t read any of the other reviews for this film and yours will be the first since you’ve played by the rules.

    I am not surprised by your comment though……Hugh Jackman kinda sorta made reference to a scene of this nature on morning TV this morning. Then he said the movie was “PG-13!!!!” Dagnabit! *winks*

  • Doa766

    there can’t be an X-MEN movie without a pair of perfect blue tits

  • Der Bruno Stroszek

    Doa, that’s no way to talk about Kelsey Grammar and Alan Cumming.

  • Saladinho

    Der Bruno Stroszek: That was worthy of MST3K.

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