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geekgasm: Gillian Anderson on ‘Doctor Who’?

As Paul W. noted in comments and others have notified me by email, several sites are reporting that Agent Scully herself, Gillian Anderson, may appear in Matt Smith’s first season of Doctor Who in 2010 as the Rani, another rogue Time Lord who’s not as evil as the Master but a major bitch and pain in the Doctor’s ass anyway.

io9 snarks that “the fanfic almost writes itself!” Den of Geek has further news sure to induce fangasm:

The forty-year old actress is about to star alongside Christopher Eccleston on stage in A Doll’s House.

Oh, my. I think I need a trip back to London to see that…

Anyway: Scully. Who. Discuss.

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  • NorthernStar

    Much as I like Gillian Anderson (she was outstanding in Bleak House and given that that mini series was so chock full of amazing performances, that’s really saying something) I hope this, or at least, the Rani part of it, turns out to be false.

    The Moff has 50 years worth of baddies to bring back, so why bring back one of the most cringeworthy?

  • Hank Graham

    Ah, but NorthernStar, you miss the point. If someone else made Rani cringe-worthy, isn’t this an opportunity to make the character worthwhile?

    It’s like the old saw: never remake a good movie, only bad ones. For good ones, you might not measure up, for bad ones you may be able to make them work.

  • Barb

    I don’t mind if they bring back the Rani. What I do mind is them bringing them on in the same manner as the Master. Instead of making the Master different they made him a zanier version of the Doctor gone bad (Roger Delgado will still be the tops for me). If they can make the Rani an intelligent and worthy adversary than go for it. But they way the show goes, she’d wind up killed off anyway.

  • Aimee

    Gillian Anderson’s an incredible actress, not to mention how sexy she is, so I really hope the rumours are true. I think having her on Doctor Who may just be the greatest thing ever. :D

  • chiclit

    Its a great rumor,we will see if it happens..but MAJ you HAVE to go see A Dolls House and report back with one of your excellent reviews, since I cannot afford the time or money to travel over from my coast, being only recently back to work.

    Apparently the production was nearly sold out prior to Eccleston being announced as a co-star, so you need to get on this, please!

  • Saladinho

    More of Gilian Anderson is a good thing. Always.

  • Saladinho

    Oops! It’s even better when it’s GILLIAN Anderson. :P

  • NorthernStar

    Hank – you do make a good point and I’m sure Moffatt could come up with something to make the character palatable.

    But…by bringing the character back you elevate it to classic status simply by association and the Rani just isn’t worthy of that honour. I’d much rather see one of the many lesser known foes given a chance to shine.

  • MaryAnn

    MAJ you HAVE to go see A Dolls House and report back with one of your excellent reviews

    Oh, don’t I wish! Alas, I don’t think it’s gonna happen…

  • Frankly, I’d be surprised if MaryAnn found time to watch Dollhouse, much less “A Doll’s House.”

    And fess up, MaryAnn. What you would have really liked to see was a guest appearance by David Duchovny. Or Bruce Campbell. If not both at the same time…

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