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Michelle Rodriguez ain’t a lesbian…

Michelle Rodriguez ain’t a lesbian, dammit (not that there’s anything wrong with that), 40 ain’t old, and date rape still ain’t funny.

Yes, it’s The Week in Women, up now over at the Alliance of Women Film Journalists.


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  • Nathan

    Wow. What condescending tripe. Hey, let’s assume that Jody Hill is an idiot because he has testicles.

  • I was surprised to see American reports and comments that referred to Susan Boyle as an “old lady”. She’s 47.

  • Joey

    I have to say, part of her “problem” (if you want to call it that), is that she’s apparently rather popular with lesbians. But who can blame them?

  • JoshDM

    She ain’t a thespian either.

  • MBI

    I don’t think Michelle Rodriguez has the right to complain, honestly — at least not any more than any celebrity has the right to complain about invasion of privacy. If she’s complaining that she lost the ability to keep her private life private, well, okay, but if she’s complaining that people are unfairly assuming she’s a lesbian just because she doesn’t perfectly fit the femme mold, well, she sure didn’t help things after both she and her alleged girlfriend Kristanna Loken played ridiculously coy about the rumors.

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