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new in “MaryAnn is a total ‘Doctor Who’ dork” news…

So, I had been planning to spend much of the weekend starting my new/old Doctor Who blogging, beginning with the Christopher Eccleston episodes and then, when those are done, back to the original series. And what happened was… I saw the new episode, “Planet of the Dead,” and spent a long moment screaming because there’s a little exchange of dialogue in the episode that is almost exactly like something I’d written for the latest, not-yet-finished installment of my little fan fiction saga “Tristan’s Father.”

And that was after skating over moments, early in the new episode, when it looked like the story was going to ape a fanfic story I wrote back in 1991-2. It turned out that it didn’t, much to my relief… except that my story was better.

So I spent the rest of the weekend after that whipping that new installment of “Tristan’s Father” into shape — I left that bit of dialogue alone, cuz I like it and I had it first, even if no one believes that. That’s not quite done yet, but should be ready to post in a day or two. And I also spent some time formatting that 1991-2 story for posting online… though I haven’t posted it yet. My original plan for the fanfic was to get through “Tristan’s Father” first and then post all the old stuff, and I haven’t yet decided whether it’s a good idea to alter that plan.

So that’s how I spent Easter: in the creative zone with characters I love and with the flow of their story zapping through me, and just feeling generally awesome… And now I wake up on Monday and it’s like, Aw, shit, I didn’t do anything I was supposed to do all weekend.

Oh, and I’ll do my usual spoileriffic thing on “Planet of the Dead,” of course — I think that’ll be this afternoon.

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